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Features for employees

Whether on the go with your smartphone or conveniently on your computer: With Circula's intuitive user interface, expenses are captured and digitized within a few seconds.

  • All-in-one mobile app

    Capturing expenses, per diems, mileage and overnight lump sums

  • Receipt scanner

    Scanning the receipts with the mobile app, data will be retrieved by OCR-technology

  • Forward PDF invoices via e-mail

    Forward your e-invoices to us, we can do the rest for you.

  • Smart integrations

    Importing business lunch attendees directly from your calendar

  • Offline mode

    Capturing expenses on the go - even without internet connection

  • Expense folder

    Storing and organizing expenses for larger events in folders and submitting them at the same time

Monika Ostrowska, Senior Internal Operations Manager, Home HT GmbH
"Circula is very easy to handle for everyone. Happy to use Circula - it makes life at work easier for both admins and users."
Monika Ostrowska, Senior Internal Operations Manager, Home HT GmbH

Features for supervisors

Circula guarantees full transparency and makes life easier for supervisors. All costs and submissions are viewable at any time since they are digitally documented and can be reported within a few clicks. In addition, approval processes can be individually created for teams or departments depending on the company structure.

  • Custom approve and control flows

    We set up your approval and controlling processes to suit your organisational structure.

  • Approvals from anywhere

    You can approve or reject submitted expenses both in the web app and in the mobile app.

  • Assistant mode

    Submitting expenses on the go by supervisors and having them processed by assistants

  • Controlling

    Cost analysis and evaluations thanks to filter and search functions

  • Notifications

    No approvals get lost - e-mail notification about pending approvals.

  • GoBD-compliant internal control system

    The digital four-eyes principle and GoBD-compliant logging create an internal control system for your travel expenses for the very first time (PS 880 proof).

Lars Markull, API Evangelist, figo GmbH
"Circula has made submitting travel expenses so easy that our employees suddenly love it."
Lars Markull, API Evangelist, figo GmbH

Features for accountants

We improve your efficiency. Accountants benefit from an intuitive and sleek designed web interface in which expenses can be checked and transformed into ready-for-import data sets within a few clicks. Thanks to smart automation, APIs, and data connections to existing accounting systems we can create an end-to-end-process from capturing to reimbursement of expenses.

  • Standard integrations

    Seamless integration to leading accounting systems, travel booking engines, and HR-systems including DATEV, SAP, MS Dynamics, Onesto, TravelPerk, Comtravo, Workday and Personio

  • GoBD-compliance

    Certified by IDW PS 880, hosted in Germany and documentation for an expense replacing process and data storage up to 10 years on revision-secure German servers

  • Automatic lump sum calculation

    Automatic calculation of per diems based on the most recent BMF guideline

  • Configurable cost accounting

    Implementation of individual cost elements, objects, and units based on your organizational standards and automated generation of centralized accounting records

  • Automated processing

    Validated data and automatic account allocation reduce the controlling process to the essentials.

  • Duplicate detection

    Quickly identify multiple submitted expenses without manual checking

Peter Schindlmeier, founder, casavi GmbH
"Circula does not only comply with German regulations, but can also be used smoothly with DATEV. It fulfills everything we've been looking for."
Peter Schindlmeier, founder, casavi GmbH

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