Fast submission for travellers.

Our smart integrations empower you to do your expenses in a straightforward, instant manner, without any traces of unneccessary complexity.

Apps available for

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Quick controlling for accountants.

Conveniently prepare expenses before they're booked into the accounting system. Our export options are flexible and tailored to your demands.

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Smart approval for managers.

Approve your employee's expenses one by one or in one go. Satisfy them with faster reimbursements and let them know directly when an expense requires additional details.

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More benefits for employees

Mobile and Web.

Stay flexible and submit expenses from anywhere at any time.

Receipt Storage.

Receipts can be scanned in now and submitted later.

Invoice forwarding.

Forward receipts from e-mails that will be automatically read out by the app.

Offline mode.

Collect your expenses, even without any cellular network.

Calendar integration.

Import attendees for 'meals & entertainment' expenses from your calendar.

Currency conversion.

All expenses are automatically converted based on real-time data from the ECB.

Mileage calculation.

Give us your destination and we will calculate the driven distance.

Credit card integration.

Connect your credit card from one of our partners.

Benefits for supervisors & accountants

Paperless expense handling.

GoBD-compliant foundation for a fully digital expense management.

Revision-secure data storage.

Export or store data up to 10 years on Circula servers hosted in Germany.

SEPA batch file transfers

Fast and easy reimbursements through SEPA-XML export.

International per diems.

Daily rate calculation based on the most recent BMF guideline.

Cost center and units.

Add cost centers and units to better structure your company in the app.

Muliple export formats.

PDFs, CSVs, XMLs and ZIP-files that fit the requirements for further processing.

Configurable Accounting.

Define the accounting process according to your standards.

Customized approval flows.

Define supervisors for your teams and let them sign off expenses on the go.

Privacy by design

Circula puts great focus on data privacy and IT security. Our systems comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulations (EU-GDPR).

Cornerstones of our 'Privacy by Design' principles are:

  • PCI grade system architecture
  • HTTPS only communication
  • Cloud hosting with T-Systems and Microsoft Azure in Germany
  • Systematic IT security audits and penetration tests

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