The intelligent app for employee expenses

Circula sets the new standard for travel costs, expenses, allowances, and additional food costs. Our intuitive software for employees, accountants, and supervisors supports modern companies in digitizing their accounting and creates flexibility and efficiency in the whole team.

All in one app

  • Save Time

    Reduce the manual checking of employee expenses in your accounting department to a minimum thanks to artificial intelligence, automation, and intelligent interfaces to other systems.

  • 100% Paperless

    Implement fully digital accounting processes for your employee expenses as a further milestone for a paperless office and efficient and sustainable collaboration.

  • Become Compliant

    Our app is IDW PS 880 tested and optimized for German legislation according to GoBD and DSGVO standards. Further localizations are available as a legal basis for lump sums etc.

The Intelligent All-In-One-App For Employee Expenses

Relieve your employees in the accounting department and establish a solution for all your employee expenses. With our intuitive mobile app, receipts, invoices, and lump sums can be easily entered and submitted on the move. In real-time, accountants and supervisors have an overview of all submitted expenses and can process them completely digitally.

Digital Meal Allowances For Your Employees

With Circula Benefits, you can optimize your employees' salaries in no time and save on employer costs at the same time, thanks to lucrative tax benefits. Increase your attractiveness as an employer and create legal certainty. The best thing about it: Your employees can settle all expenses such as travel costs and expenses via an app as usual and completely digitally. Because our mission is: We make employees benefit.

Intelligent controlling for accountants

Support your finance team with pre-validated data and automatically generated booking records as well as the applicable lump sums. Manual activities are reduced to a minimum. In this way, you create more time for the really important things in controlling.

Paperless and compliant by design

Transform your business processes and create compliance in your company. Our software is 100% GoBD-compliant, GoBD-tested, and optimized for companies in Germany.

Known from

  • Handelsblatt

  • WirtschaftsWoche

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  • KPMG

    Winner KPMG Deutschland Smart Start Award 2018

  • Visa

    Winner Visa Europe Everywhere Initiative 2018

  • AXA

    Winner AXA Deutschland Startup Night 2019

  • PwC

    PwC Scale Program 2019

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Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

Digital meal vouchers are an ideal employee benefit to show appreciation to employees with net salary optimisation. In this white paper, you will find out which legal components are involved and what employers and employees need to consider with digital meal vouchers.

Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

We make expenses effortless

From travel expenses to per diems and lump sums - try out the all-in-one-app for employee expenses.