Making employees benefit

People value time and money. We use technology to provide both so anyone gets more out of their time at work.

Since enterprise software has been shipped, it was built with a sales-drive motion to check all boxes for the buyer. While primary processes have been well digitized (ERP, HCM, etc.), all accounting and payroll processes concerning the employee have been handled poorly. This bureaucracy leads to a massive time waste and demotivation.

Companies such as Dropbox and Slack have shown a different path: Product-lead with the end user in mind.

At Circula, we are dedicated to building a future in which employees will have a bad-ass experience. No matter whether dealing with their business finances or employee benefits. People will be using one software accompanied with one card to save time and money.

Nothing is more precious than time

Nobody wants to waste time and it’s frustrating to do things that machines can do better. Expense filing is exactly that: Time consuming and nerve wracking. About time to change this.

We give people back time and peace of mind

This way organizations are transforming their employees experience and gain full insights into their business processes.

We are building the new way how organizations will run their expenses globally

By leveraging new technologies, machine learning and beautiful user experiences we will solve expense management for good.

We're hiring!

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