The employee benefit that benefits all

Every individual is different. A one-size-fits-all approach to employee benefits doesn't work anymore. Let your employees choose their own benefit, with the Netherlands' most innovative employee benefit of today: the Benefit Cards.


The benefits your employees deserve

From gym memberships that aren't being used, to a bicycle nobody needs. Your employees deserve more than the mainstream benefits that don't fit their needs and wants. With the Benefit Cards your employees finally get the reward they deserve.

  • Fully flexible

    The employer sets a monthly, quarterly or yearly budget, allowing employees too choose the benefits they actually want.

  • Smart use of WKR

    Take maximum advantage of the tax benefits from the WKR to offer the best employee benefits, cost efficiently.

  • In line with your employer brand

    Do your benefits need to be in line with your employer brand? Pick and choose from every category imaginable to offer flexibility while staying true to yourself.

Jeroen Tenheaff - Sparkling People
“The Benefit Card is the easiest way to give our employees that extra bit of appreciation that really suits each individual’s needs and wants.”
Jeroen Tenheaff, CEO Sparkling People

The one-size-fits-all benefit that actually fits

Do you want to give your employees maximum freedom while offering an employee benefit that is in line with your employer brand? Make use of our benefit categories! From Wellbeing and Learning & Development to Lifestyle and Travel, your employees get to choose from all the stores, vendors and providers within your chosen category. Pick one of our existing categories or let your imagination roam free and create your own!

The one-size-fits-all benefit that actually fits

How it works

  • 1. Employer brand

    Discover how the Benefit Cards fit perfectly within your employer brand. Give your employees maximum flexibility or give them the freedom of choice within a carefully selected benefit category.

  • 2. Pick you categories

    Based on your employer brand we'll work with you to select the ideal category, like Wellbeing, Learning & Development or Travel, or even create one especially for you.

  • 3. Setting budgets

    You have full control over the budget per Benefit Card. Think about the possibilities (and limitations) of the WKR and set budgets accordingly. Need a hand? We here to help!

  • 4. Creating Benefit Cards

    Create as many Benefit Cards as you want for all your employees. With just a few clicks, all employees get their very own Benefit Card. We'll visit you at your office to introduce the Benefit Cards to your employees!

  • 5. Employees choose their benefits

    Employees get started with their Benefit Card both online and in stores, to get the benefit they want. Did you chose a category? Than your employees can spend their budget with all providers within that category.

  • 6. Maximum impact

    With employees choosing their own benefits, you are sure to get maximum impact out of your benefits. Stop paying for benefits that aren't being used and start providing the benefit that gives your employees the recognition they deserve.


Attract and retain talent with the best benefit of today

How it works? Hop on a demo and we'll be glad to show you the limitless possibilities!

Cards are issued by Transact Payments Malta Limited pursuant to licence by VISA Europe Limited. Transact Payments Malta Limited is duly authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Financial Institution under the Financial Institution Act 1994. Registration number C 91879.