Exact Online

The seamless connection for Dutch companies

With our REST API to Exact Online we enable accountants in The Netherlands to transfer expense reports within a few clicks and without any manual effort from Circula to their ERP system.

Why Exact Online + Circula?

Exact Online is a leader in cloud-based accounting software in The Netherlands and therefore trusted and used by many accountants. Now you can use our intuitive and user-friendly expense management tool combined with your trusted #1 accounting software. We enable seamless and automatic synchronization of expense records and receipts with Exact Online. That saves accountants a lot of hassle, time, and therefore money.

  • Save time and money

    Up to 80% faster, saves a lot of processing costs

  • Digital end-to-end process

    Fully digital and automated data transfer per REST API

  • Error-free transmission

    Manual work always harbours vulnerabilities to error

  • Easy integration setup

    Just a few clicks away to benefit from the seamless integration to Exact Online

  • Compliant processes

    Circula guarantees compliance across all accounting processes in our app

About Exact Online

Exact is a Dutch software company that offers accounting, ERP, and other software for small and medium enterprises. Exact Online started in 2005 as an online software package and has grown to become a leader in cloud-based accounting software for Dutch companies. Around 550.000 entrepreneurs are already making their aspirations a reality with Exact Online.


How to connect Circula with Exact Online?

For the first time the user chooses the ‘transfer to Exact Online’ option, then the user will be asked to give permission to transfer the relevant data from Circula to Exact Online. Once this permission is provided, the user can always transfer expenses to Exact Online through one single click.

How to connect Circula with Exact Online?

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