Put your employees in focus

Isolated solutions for travel expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, credit cards and benefits are not only confusing and time-consuming for the accounting department, but also for employees. Circula unifies all finances around the employee in one intuitive solution.

The All-in-One solution

We offer our customers a powerful, GoBD- and DSGVO-compliant web app and mobile app in an intuitive design and with numerous possible integrations and interfaces. This means that our software can be implemented in SMEs within one day. For larger organizations with 30 or more employees, the implementation may take a little longer. Our onboarding services offer larger companies the full comfort of getting to their goal as quickly as possible.

  • Travel expenses

    We offer a digital end-to-end process from booking to billing thanks to numerous integrations.

  • Corporate credit card

    Work-related expenses by employees can be easily submitted and managed via app in just a few seconds.

  • Employee benefits

    With Circula Benefits, you can use state tax benefits smartly to increase or convert your employees' salaries.

Effortless expense management

Approval flows designed for your business

Create advanced approval logics based on your org structure, cost centers and projects – or get rid of them.

Turnkey-ready for DATEV clients and far beyond

Circula is the chosen software partner of DATEV for a reason. As the best-in-class solution, Circula is directly connected with DATEV accounting and payroll. It also runs with Personio, SAP, MS Dynamics as well as Travelperk, Comtravo and many more.

The intelligent corportate credit card

Issue physical and virtual cards instantly

Manage all credit cards instantly online and issue cards within seconds. Create cards for individual employees as well as departments and keep oversight at all times.

Tax-optimised employee benefits

Get the most out of your money

Show your appreciation and improve your employees’ well-being without any additional hassle – and all of that tax-optimized to maximize your ROI.

Expense management made easy

Automate your expense reporting with the best mobile app experience and a dash of Artificial Intelligence.
Submit your expenses within seconds

We make expenses effortless

Benefit from automated, digital processes and boost your company's productivity.