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Rethink employee benefits and optimize your employees' monthly salary with up to €6.57 per meal.

With Circula Benefits all employees can benefit

A few simple steps to your new Employee Benefit

Whether in a restaurant, café or home office, employees submit lunch receipts and receive a tax-free or flat-rate taxed meal allowance, either as an attractive salary increase or salary conversion. Circula Benefits, our digital meal vouchers, are included in Circula’s professional plan.

Turn lunch into a benefit for your employees and take advantage of the tax benefits that come with it

Digital vs. physical meal vouchers

  • On Demand

    Unredeemed meal allowances do not cost you any money

  • Usable Everywhere

    Digital meal allowances can be redeemed everywhere

  • More Transparency

    No more grey areas in controlling, clarity for your employees

  • Compliance

    According to current German tax jurisprudence

  • Faster Processes

    Through the digital calculation and processing of the meal subsidies

  • Easy Roll-Out

    No logistical effort, implementation is possible in a few days

What is net gross salary optimization?

According to the Income Tax Act, optimizing employee net salary is done using tax-free or flat-rate taxed allowances from the state. These are granted in total for a variety of so-called benefits, e.g. meal and travel allowances. There are two ways to provide your employees with monthly meal allowances during working hours: as a salary increase favorable to you as an employer, or as a salary conversion. There’s a number of different requirements that need to be examined in every individual case. Here’s how it works and what you, as an employer, and your employees should pay attention to.

Salary increase

More gross and net salary: the employee is paid a monthly tax-free or flat-rate taxed allowance on top of their regular gross salary of up to €98.55. With this model, the employer is able to save taxes and social security payments compared to the classic salary increase. A maximum of 15 meals can be deducted as benefits, and granted as subsidies per month, with one meal per working day. This means that the employee would have a higher net income at the end of the month.

Salary conversion

More net from the gross salary: the monthly gross cash wage is reduced by up to 98.55 euros at the beginning. This reduces the monthly taxes and social security payments. With the following month’s monthly statement, the tax-free or flat-rate taxed meal allowance is paid for the meals which were submitted. A maximum of 15 meal subsidies, i.e. meals on working days, are granted by the state.


Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

Digital meal vouchers are an ideal employee benefit to show appreciation to employees with net salary optimisation. In this white paper, you will find out which legal components are involved and what employers and employees need to consider with digital meal vouchers.

Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

How does Circula Benefits work?

It's very simple: in just a few steps, you submit your receipts as usual. We’ll take over the verification of the proper application, according to the current legal requirements. As an employer, you export a tax file to your payroll accounting system once at the end of the month. That's how fast benefits are.


Meal vouchers - Rules for employees

The employee is liable for the improper application of meal allowances. Therefore, all rules should be known. Check out what your employees should definitely pay attention to here.

Meal vouchers - Rules for employees

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