Employees who feel well, do well

Strengthen your employer brand and retain your employees with our modular offer or total package consisting of modern and tax-optimized employee benefits.

  • Lunch Benefit

    Subsidise your employees' lunches with up to €103.50 per month. Easy, automated, and tax-optimised.

  • Mobility Benefit

    Set a monthly budget for mobility expenses such as public transport, bike or scooter rentals, car sharing and more.

  • Internet Benefit

    Offer a monthly allowance up to €50 for home internet costs – unrestricted, automatic and tax-optimized.

  • Relax Benefit

    Subsidize vacations and other recreational activities with at least €156 per year.

  • Voucher Benefit

    Fulfill the individual wishes of your employees with vouchers worth up to €50 per month.

Get the most out of your money

Show your appreciation and improve your employees’ well-being without any additional hassle – and all of that tax-optimized to maximize your ROI.

Don't leave any wishes unfulfilled

With the Voucher Benefit, your employees will receive new vouchers every month at our numerous partner shops in Germany. Up to €50 more net per month for employees and redeemable flexibly both online and offline.

Experience the biggest cantine in the world

Supplement your employees' salary up to € 1,242 per year and save more than 50% compared to a classic salary increase.

Provide mobile flexibility

Choose our eco-friendly alternative to leased cars and isolated solutions: Circula’s mobility budget can be used for any means of transportation – tax optimized.

Support remote work

With remote and hybrid work as the new normal, a decent internet connection is a basic requirement. Subsidize your employees' monthly internet costs to create the foundation for a decent remote workplace.

Give the gift of relaxation

Give your employees a healthy work-life balance and subsidize them once a year for some time off.

Zero admin work for HR

Circula automatically checks all receipts for legal compliance and maximum wage optimization, calculates reimbursements and provides monthly reports for export to payroll, also directly via interface to DATEV. 100% compliant with German tax law, GoBD and DSGVO.


The most popular employee benefits 2022

Learn which employee benefits will really be in demand and attractive in 2022. Only the right benefits will increase talent attraction and employee retention.

The most popular employee benefits 2022

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We make employees benefit

Use the tax benefits to optimize your employees' wages and reduce your costs at the same time.