Employees who feel well, do well

Transform your company and engage your employees with our modular, tax-optimized suite of employee benefits.

Get the most out of your money

Show your appreciation and improve your employees’ well-being without any additional hassle – and all of that tax-optimized to maximize your ROI.

Experience the biggest cantine in the world

Put up to €1,182 annually into the pockets of your colleagues and save 60% compared to a classical salary increase.

Provide mobile flexibility

Choose our eco-friendly alternative to leased cars and isolated solutions: Circula’s mobility budget can be used for any means of transportation – tax optimized.

  • Digital meal vouchers

    Subsidise your employees' lunches with up to €98.55 per month. Easy, automated, and tax-optimised.

  • Mobility budget

    Set a monthly budget for mobility expenses such as public transport, bike or scooter rentals, car sharing and more.

  • Resources

    Learn more about employee benefits and net salary optimisation with our selection of whitepapers.


Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

Digital meal vouchers are an ideal employee benefit to show appreciation to employees with net salary optimisation. In this white paper, you will find out which legal components are involved and what employers and employees need to consider with digital meal vouchers.

Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

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We make employees benefit

Use the tax benefits to optimize your employees' wages and reduce your costs at the same time.