Retain talent with employee benefits

Delight your employees by offering a salary increase in the form of tax optimized benefits and strengthen your employer brand.

Benefits Report 2023

63% of employers are burdened down by high staff turnover

A downwards trend in employee loyalty and the continuous increase in employee expectations, specifically salary and benefits, are just a few aspects our Benefits Report has uncovered. A flexible benefits programme can help to combat it.

  • Flexible & modular

    To be a real benefit, the offer must be tailored to the needs of employees and adjustable at any time.

  • Always compliant

    HR managers don't have to be tax and legal experts. Our software and services take care of that for you.

  • Digital & contemporary

    Benefits must reach people where they really live and work. Only then are they effective and meaningful.


Companies know little about benefits

Attracting and retaining employees requires more than just a coffee machine and a fruit basket. Our Benefits Report reveals that companies in Germany are not sufficiently aware of the tax options available to them.

Companies know little about benefits
Circula Benefits

Give them what they want!

Studies show that the benefits offering must be flexibly customised to the individual needs of the employees in order to be fully effective. Only then will benefits become a key factor for the company's success.

  • Lunch Benefit

    Subsidise lunch with up to €108.45 per month (from 2024). Simple and tax-optimised.

  • Mobility Benefit

    Set a monthly budget for mobility costs - for all means of transport.

  • Voucher Benefit

    Fulfil the individual wishes of your employees in the form of vouchers of up to €50 per month.

  • Internet Benefit

    Offer a monthly automatic subsidy from up to €50 for internet costs.

  • Relax Benefit

    Subsidise holiday trips and other recreational activities with a minimum of €156 per year.

What you get

All-round care. Extremely simple. Always compliant & cost saving.

Our Employee Benefits portfolio offers more than just a job ticket or company car. We support you in the roll-out process, in legal matters and are also available to support your employees after the roll-out.

  • Stronger employer brand

    Benefits help HR teams to recruit new talent. They also increase satisfaction throughout the team as a sign of appreciation.

  • Save 50% of costs

    Win-win: Offer salary increases and save around 50% of employer costs through tax benefits.

  • Easy to roll out

    Implemented in just a few hours and easy to use from day one. High tool adoption by employees guaranteed.

  • Compliance guaranteed

    Compliant with German tax law, GoBD and GDPR. We also provide you with contract templates.

  • Zero admin effort

    One-time set-up, done! We take care of the receipt control and prepare for you a monthly report for your payroll.

  • Customer Support

    We are available to you at any time, in your local language, per e-mail, chat and telephone.

Interactive product demo

Take a look at our digital employee benefits for yourself.

Simple & flexible

The management consultancy MaibornWollf has introduced a benefits programme for its employees that adapts flexibly to their wishes.

Read the case study
The management consultancy MaibornWollf has introduced a benefits programme for its employees that adapts flexibly to their wishes.

Your benefit offer in just 5 steps

  • 1. Invitation of employees to Circula

  • 2. Submission of receipts or voucher orders via app

  • 3. Verification of legal compliance & calculation of maximum net wage optimisation by Circula

  • 4. Data transfer to payroll accounting

  • 5. Payment with the next salary

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