Circula Internet

Benefit from high speed internet

You can subsidise your employees' Internet costs with up to €50 per month.


Promote modern working with fast internet.

  • A benefit for all

    You can reach every employee with this subsidy.

  • Unrestricted use

    Both private and business use possible

  • Up to €600 more net

    Up to €50 a month more net than employees

  • Automated & simple

    Submit the internet contract once, costs are automatically reimbursed every month.

  • Tax-optimised

    Save >40 % employer costs thanks to social security exemption and 25 % flat-rate tax.

  • Naturally compliant

    Our benefits fulfil the applicable legal guidelines - with a guarantee.

Why Circula?

Legally compliant benefits with relevance and high flexibility

Like all Circula Benefits, the Internet flat rate is easy to use, flexible in its daily application, absolutely legally compliant and makes sense in the lives of employees today.

Flexible working conditions are the most popular benefit.

Our Benefits Report 2023/2024 shows how important flexibility at work is to employees, especially among younger generations. Create the basis for remote and hybrid working models by promoting a stable internet connection in the home office.

600 € more net per year. >40 % less employer costs.

Increase gross salary by the respective benefit and more net from gross at the end of the month. Our internet flat rate enables cost-efficient salary increases, as wage tax is calculated at a flat rate of 25% and social security contributions are completely eliminated.

Not in the mood for taxes & accounting?

No effort for HR

You don't have to be a tax expert to roll out a benefits programme that reaches the people in your company. You just need to know what's important to them. We'll do the rest.

  • 1. Employees sign contract creation & confirm fixed costs.

  • 2. Admins invite employees to Circula.

  • 3. Employees submit the internet costs once.

  • 4. Circula creates monthly reports that admins can transfer to payroll accounting.

  • 5. Monthly payment from the next salary

Over 1,700 satisfied customers already benefit from our solution.

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