Internet benefit

Internet that pays off

Internet access is fundamental to modern daily life. Support remote work, take internet costs off your employee's plate and offer a monthly allowance up to €50 for home internet costs as a benefit.

  • Unrestricted

    Use the Internet Benefit for private and business purposes.

  • Automated

    Once submitted, monthly reimbursement is automatically repeated.

  • Tax optimized

    Taxed at a flat rate of 25% with no additional social security contributions for employees.

Up to €600 more net per year

Increase your employee’s salary up to €50 per month with the Internet Benefit for private and business use.

Low costs, big impact

The income taxes of the Internet Benefit lump sum are taxed at a flat rate of 25 %, plus the flat-rate solidarity surcharge and the flat-rate church tax (surcharge taxes). In addition, no social security contributions are due. Increase your employees' salary and save on employer costs. Only doing nothing would be cheaper.

Simplicity at its best

Save time and minimize the administrative effort for your employees (and yourself). Circula provides you with a contract attachment, which is signed by the employees, internet costs are submitted in the mobile app and automatically reimbursed every month.

Support remote work

With remote and hybrid work as the new normal, a decent internet connection is a basic requirement. Subsidize your employees' monthly internet costs to create the foundation for a decent remote workplace.

Internet Benefit made easy

  • Easy set-up

    Sign a statement of internet expenses, add your internet costs in your mobile app and receive reimbursement.

  • Automated submission

    No more administrative effort. After the set - up, your internet costs are automatically reimbursed to you each month.

  • Standard payroll integrations

    Internet lump sum amounts can be seamlessly routed to LODAS, LuG or any other payroll system for payroll processing.


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