Digital Meal Allowance

Subsidy for lunch

Promote healthy eating and the well-being of your employees with a tax-optimised benefit worth €108.45 per month.

Canteen Adé

Offer about €1,300 more net & save 46 % employer costs

  • Flexible utilisation

    Your employees can eat the food of their choice from any restaurant they want.

  • Intuitive application

    100% digital: scan the receipt, receipts are automatically checked by us. Already done.

  • Easy to unroll

    Implementation in just a few hours, support during rollout with contract templates, training courses and manuals.

  • Attracting talent

    Our study shows: Benefits are particularly important to young employees and can be beneficial when recruiting.

  • Show appreciation

    Respond to the needs of your employees by using salary extras as rewards for good work.

  • Tax-optimised

    Free of social security contributions and tax-free from € 11.36 per meal. Also compliant with tax law, GoBD and GDPR.


Maximum more net p.a./p.p.


Cheaper than a traditional salary increase

Net wage optimisation.
Made simple.

Increase gross salary by the respective benefit and receive more net from gross at the end of the month.

Can be used individually.
Redeemable everywhere.

In the restaurant - subsidy approved.
In the supermarket - subsidy approved.
Home office delivery service - subsidy approved.

This is how the meal allowance works.

You can offer your employees up to €7.23 per day per month as a catering allowance, up to a total of €108.45 per month, by having employees submit receipts for a maximum of 15 meals via the app.

INTERACTIVE product demo

Try it out yourself

A meal allowance in just a few steps. In our interactive product demo, we show you how easy this benefit is in practice.

Try it out yourself
Not in the mood for taxes & accounting?

No effort for HR

You don't have to be a tax expert to roll out a benefits programme that reaches the people in your company. You just need to know what's important to them. We'll do the rest.

  • 1. Invitation of employees to Circula

  • 2. Submission of receipts via app

  • 3. Verification of legal compliance & calculation of maximum net wage optimisation by Circula

  • 4. Data transfer to payroll

  • 5. Payment with the next salary

Over 1,500 satisfied customers already benefit from our solution

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Rewards through benefits

Reward good work.

And benefit from greater satisfaction and productivity in your company.