Digital meal allowance

Love at first bite

Provide lunch for your employees and show your appreciation, increasing employee engagement and talent retention for your company.

  • Simple

    Submit lunch receipts in seconds and enjoy zero admin work for HR.

  • Cost-effective

    Save up to 50% compared to conventional salary increase.

  • Easy to set up

    Implemented within hours thanks to our support team.

Up to €6.90 per day tax-optimised

Subsidies your colleagues lunch with the tax and social-security compensation.

Show your appreciation

Improve your employee value proposition drastically by taking care of your colleagues' well-being.

Use it anywhere

Any lunch receipts are eligible – whether bought in a restaurant, in a supermarket or delivery service while working from home. Simply scan your receipt with the Circula app and you're done!

Zero admin work for HR

Circula automatically checks all receipts for legal compliance and maximum wage optimization, calculates reimbursements and provides monthly reports for export to payroll, also directly via interface to DATEV. 100% compliant with German tax law, GoBD and DSGVO.

Meal vouchers in 15 seconds

Digital meal allowance made easy

  • Easy overview

    Keep track of your monthly budget and spending in the Mobile App.

  • Automated receipt control

    Circula is checking each receipt for its tax compliance so your payroll team does not have to.

  • Standard payroll integrations

    Circula works plug & play with DATEV LODAS and Lohn & Gehalt but also with any other payroll system upon request.


Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

Digital meal vouchers are an ideal employee benefit to show appreciation to employees with net salary optimization. In this white paper, you will find out which legal components are involved and what employers and employees need to consider with digital meal vouchers.

Net gross salary optimization with digital meal vouchers

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