Mobility budget

It doesn't get more mobile than this

Bye-bye company car, hello unrestricted employee mobility: With the mobility budget, you can finally be fully flexible on the go.

  • Simple submission

    Submit your mobility costs in seconds via OCR scan and get reimbursed the following month.

  • Use it flexibly

    You can submit costs from any mobility type – for both work commute and private travel.

  • Easy to set up

    Implemented within hours thanks to our Customer Success team.

Two possible tax models

Generally, he Circula Mobility Benefit can be used for any means of transport – you decide whether completely tax-free or partially taxed at a flat rate.

Zero admin work for HR

Once submitted, Circula audits the receipts, calculates the reimbursements, and creates the files for your monthly payroll. 100% compliant with German tax law.


Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Now you can: all eco-friendly means of transportation are supported!

We offer flexibility

With our Mobility Benefit, you can use any means of transport – both for business and for pleasure.

The mobility budget in 15 seconds

Employee mobility made easy

  • Easy overview

    Keep track of your monthly mobility budget and spending in the Mobile App.

  • Automated receipt control

    Circula is checking each receipt for its tax compliance so your payroll team does not have to.

  • Standard payroll integrations

    Circula works plug & play with DATEV LODAS und Lohn & Gehalt but also with any other payroll system upon request.

Blog post

The future of employee mobility starts now

In the past, it was common for a company car to be a major incentive for employees to stay with a company long-term or to recruit potential candidates. Since then, sustainability and climate protection concerns have led to a change in the needs for company mobility. Nowadays, employees seek alternatives to the conventional company car.

The future of employee mobility starts now

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