Mobility Benefit

The mobility benefit for everyone

Our mobility budget is individually configurable, allowing you to subsidise all types of transportation for work or personal use on a monthly basis. In some cases, this can be done tax-free.

Job ticket and company car 2.0

Support all types of mobility. With just one click.

  • A benefit for everyone

    Offer your team the flexibility they need. Regardless how you get to work, all types of transport are accepted.

  • Reward sustainability

    Unlike fuel cards or company cars, Circula can also be used to subsidise environmentally friendly transport.

  • Easy to roll out

    Implementation in just a few hours, support during rollout with contract templates, training and manuals.

Everywhere on the road.
All costs considered.

Train ticket to work subsidy approved.
New tank of gas subsidy approved.
Bike to work subsidy approved.

Tax-free or tax-optimized

Public transport has been completely tax-free since 2019. We offer two tax models so that you have the option of subsidising all types of transport.

INTERACTIVE product demo

Give it a try

A Mobility Benefit in just a few steps. In our interactive product demo, we show you how easy this benefit is in practice.

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Not in the mood for taxes & accounting?

No effort for HR people

You don't have to be a tax expert to roll out a benefits programme that reaches the people in your company. You just need to know what's important to them. We'll do the rest.

  • 1. Inviting employees to Circula

  • 2. Submit receipts via the app

  • 3. Verification of legal compliance & calculation of maximum net wage optimisation by Circula

  • 4. Data transfer to payroll accounting

  • 5. Payment with the next salary

Exclusive partner offer for customers

Our customers receive attractive discounts for Sixt new car leasing through our partner Allane Mobility Group.

Over 1,700 satisfied customers are already benefiting from our solution.

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