Relax Benefit

Give the gift of relaxation

Happy employees are proven to be more productive, ambitious and motivated. Give your employees a healthy work-life balance and subsidize them once a year for some time off. Stay ahead in the war for talent and stand out from your strongest competitors with the help of the Relax Benefit.

  • Unrestricted

    The relax benefit covers both vacations and any other activity that serves as recreation.

  • Automated

    The relax benefit is reimbursed once a year. After the first submission, the reimbursement is automatic.

  • Tax optimized

    Flat-rate taxation of 25 % and social security exemption for companies (plus flat-rate solidarity surcharge and church tax), generally tax and social issuance exemption for employees.

Minimum €156 more net earned per year

Increase the salary of your employees with a minimum of €156 per year for vacations and other recreational activities with the help of the relax benefit.

Low costs, big impact

The relax benefit is taxed at a flat rate of 25%. Increase the salary of your employees and save money compared to a traditional salary increase.

It's simple!

Save time and minimize the administrative burden for your employees (and yourself). Employees submit their vacation in the mobile app and the Relax Benefit is automatically reimbursed.

Relaxed and motivated employees

As a healthy work-life balance is becoming more and more important to maintain a modern healthy work environment. The tax-optimised relax subsidy enables employers to increase the quality of life of their employees, simply and inexpensively. Support your employees relaxation time and motivate them in the long term.

For the entire family

Perfect for a family holiday: in addition to the Relax Benefit for employees, €104 for spouses and €52 per child can be submitted.

Relax Benefit made easy

  • Easy set-up

    After this benefit is unlocked, invite your employees to Circula, they are now able to submit their vacation days once a year to receive the lump sum.

  • Automated submission

    No more administrative hassle: After verification by Circula, the Relax Benefit is automatically reimbursed.

  • Standard payroll integrations

    Relax lump sums can be seamlessly routed to LODAS, LuG or any other payroll system for payroll purposes.

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