Relaxation allowance for the whole family

Promote relaxation and work-life balance for your employees with a tax-optimised benefit of €156 per year, with additional allowances for spouses, partners and children.

Relaxation and holidays

A small gesture with a big impact

Relaxed employees are healthier, happier and ultimately more productive. Reward good work once a year in the form of a relaxation allowance.

  • Promote balance

    Show your appreciation by subsidising your employees' time off and thus promoting their well-being.

  • Employer Branding

    Increase your attractiveness in the battle for top talent and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

  • No effort

    Once a year, the holiday is submitted digitally in the app and automatically reimbursed.

To the subsidy in two steps

All you have to do is enter the period of your holiday in our app and specify other family members. The rest takes care of itself.

Everyone can benefit

It is a benefit that extends beyond the individual employee. Spouses, partners and children also receive annual bonuses.

Net salary optimisation

Go on holiday and save taxes

  • More net on holiday

    Your employees benefit from the tax-free salary extra on their dream holiday with at least €156 more net in their luggage.

  • Tax-optimised

    Employers save compared to traditional salary increases through flat-rate tax (25 %) and social security exemption.

  • Easy to roll out

    Implementation in just a few hours, support during rollout with contract templates, training courses and manuals.

INTERACTIVE product demo

Try it out yourself

A relaxation allowance in just a few steps. In our interactive product demo, we show you how easy this benefit is in practice.

Try it out yourself
Not in the mood for taxes & accounting?

No effort for HR

You don't have to be a tax expert to roll out a benefits programme that reaches the people in your company. You just need to know what's important to them. We'll do the rest.

  • 1. Admins invite employees to Circula.

  • 2. Employees submit at least 7 days of leave & add other family members.

  • 3. Circula creates monthly reports that admins can transfer to the payroll accounting.

  • 4. One-off payment with the next salary

Over 1,700 satisfied customers already benefit from our solution.

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