Perfectly happy employees

With our vouchers, employees receive up to €50 more per month in the form of tax-free vouchers, which they can redeem online and in-store at numerous partner retailers throughout Germany.

A Benefit of your choice

Your team can fulfill their personal wishes and decide for themselves where they want to redeem their vouchers worth up to €50 per month. In this way you show as an employer appreciation on the next level. 

  • Focus on usability

    You can order our vouchers up to the middle of the month and receive them in the same month.

  • Compliance

    We ensure that our processes comply with applicable legal and tax regulations. All vendors in our app are compliant with German regulations.

  • Online & In-store

    Our vouchers can be redeemed anywhere in Germany at our partner shops – online and in shops on site.

  • Order now, redeem later

    Employees can order their €50 voucher every month, even if they want to redeem it later.

  • Save employer costs

    Our digital vouchers are a form of non-cash benefits and completely exempt from social insurance fees according to section 8 (2) sentence 1 of the EStG.

Show appreciation easily

Realtime tracking of your vouchers

Keep track of all your vouchers and their status so that you can redeem them later if necessary. All vouchers are collected in the wallet.

Digital shopping experience

You can easily order new vouchers via the app - once a month up to 50 € are possible - copy the code or download the PDF and redeem it immediately.

Fulfill individual wishes

With vouchers, you show your employees appreciation, offer them a small contribution to compensate for inflation, and leave it open to what they want to use their vouchers for.

Sachbezug vouchers made easy

  • Fast implementation

    In just a few steps, you are turn-key ready and can roll out the new benefit company-wide. Our Customer Success Team will support you with the implementation.

  • Automated accounting

    Automated benefits reports allow for completely digital records and accounting and transfer to your respective payroll system.

  • Interfaces for payroll accounting

    Non-cash benefits as vouchers must be shown on the payslip. This is easily done with our interfaces to DATEV LODAS, DATEV Lohn und Gehalt, and other payroll accounting systems.

  • Set your own budget

    Companies can use our benefits groups in the admin tool to determine the amount of non-monetary benefits available for their employees each month.


What are non-cash benefits or "Sachbezug"?

Find out more about the German legal background and the guidelines in our wiki.

What are non-cash benefits or "Sachbezug"?

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