Smooth end-to-end-process for your business travels

Together with the digital travel booking platform Comtravo, we enable small and medium-sized companies to a fully digital process from booking trips to billing receipts and lump sums.

Comtravo & Circula

Comtravo offers an AI-based tool that simplifies and optimizes business travel, from booking to management. Through the combination of customer service and state-of-the-art technology, your business travel can now be more convenient, flexible, and cost-effective. The integration with Circula goes one step further and provides a seamless end-to-end process for the settlement of travel expenses.
"By combining state-of-the-art technology with first-class customer support, Comtravo simplifies the booking and management of business travel. By partnering with Circula, we can now also make the process of accounting for business travel simple and digital."
Michael Riegel, CEO of Comtravo

Book business trips easily with Comtravo

Comtravo is a solution that helps simplify all business travel processes. In addition to a choice of four different booking channels, customers also benefit from optimized management and invoicing processes and personal support from Comtravo's travel experts – 24/7.

  • Booking, managing, invoicing of business trips

  • Personalized travel offers based on previously saved preferences

  • Simplifing invoicing and accounting with Comtravo's collective invoice

  • Manage travel policies

  • Personal, high-quality service 24/7

  • From bookings to invoicing, everything from one source

  • Paperless expensing: No more paper receipts

  • Expensing in real-time

Working paperless: Comtravo and Circula digitize business travels

Circula and Comtravo created a strategic partnership in the summer of 2020 to digitize business travels and make them more efficient, for both companies and employees. You can read the complete press release in our blog.

What you should pay attention to when traveling abroad for business

In our blog we've put together a list of helpful tips and tricks for your travel expense report - at home and abroad. Find out what to look out for from an accounting point of view when traveling abroad for business purposes.

Digitize your business travels – compliant and simple

From booking to expense management, with Circula and Comtravo