Payroll with DATEV

From recording to reimbursement now even faster - with our interfaces to payroll accounting in DATEV.

Why payroll integration?

As a further important component of internal business and accounting processes, the fully digital and media-interruption-free data transfer from Circula to payroll accounting provides you with full convenience and reduces sources of error due to manual activities. This way, you can benefit from all the advantages of both systems and enable your employees to quickly process their expenses and benefits or non-monetary remuneration. For example, if you also want to record additional meal expenses in payroll accounting or payout travel expenses above the legally tax-free limit, this is now possible with this integration.

The payroll integrations in 2 minutes [DE]

Core functionalities and interfaces

We currently offer two interfaces to DATEV payroll accounting.

  • Fast data transfer

    The data is transferred via interface in just a few steps

  • Transfered data

    The relevant expenses per wage type number are summarized for each employee

  • Prevalidated data

    The data structure in Circula is adapted to that in DATEV to ensure a smooth transfer without error messages.

  • Wage import data service

    Via wage import data service interface your data is transferred to the DATEV payroll accounting program


    LODAS classic is a DATEV interface to payroll accounting and offers you all the necessary functions for payroll accounting via the DATEV computer center

  • Lohn und Gehalt

    DATEV Lohn und Gehalt classic is another interface to payroll accounting and also offers you all the necessary functions for payroll accounting

How to connect the payroll integration

  • Professional Plan

    This feature is part of Circula Professional and Enterprise. If you are currently using Circula Basic, you can upgrade.

  • App settings

    You can easily set up the export to payroll yourself by changing the settings in the web app. We explain how to do it.

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