Employees who feel well, do well

Strengthen your employer brand and retain your employees with our modular offer or total package consisting of modern and tax-optimized employee benefits.

  • Lunch Benefit

    Subsidise your employees' lunches with up to €103.50 per month. Easy, automated, and tax-optimised.

  • Mobility Benefit

    Set a monthly budget for mobility expenses such as public transport, bike or scooter rentals, car sharing and more.

  • Internet Benefit

    Offer a monthly allowance up to €50 for home internet costs – unrestricted, automatic and tax-optimized.

  • Relax Benefit

    Subsidize vacations and other recreational activities with at least €156 per year.

  • Voucher Benefit

    Fulfill the individual wishes of your employees with vouchers worth up to €50 per month.

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We make employees benefit

Use the tax benefits to optimize your employees' wages and reduce your costs at the same time.