The credit card that works for you

Now it's even easier to record expenses via VISA credit card and have them automatically created in Circula thanks to the integration with Pliant.

  • 100% digital card management

    From creating a new card to billing transactions – keep an overview of all expenses.

  • Different card types for full flexibility

    You can get real VISA credit cards as physical or virtual cards.

  • 2-in-1 Employee Spend Management Platform

    All employee expense reimbursements, travel expenses, and credit card transactions for individuals and teams in one place.

Credit cards as a secure means of payment

Stay liquid and use the convenience that credit cards offer as a means of payment for business expenses. You or your employees no longer have to pay in advance. In addition, you can conveniently store your Circula VISA Credit Card as a new means of payment for recurring payments – online & in-store with more than 80 million providers around the world.

Physical and virtual cards in seconds

Issue new credit cards in seconds, personally for employees or entire departments. Manage all cards easily in the web app and keep an overview at all times through your company credit cards.

Set your own budgets

Remain in full control the expenses of your employees and departments by setting budgets individually per card. Keep track of all cards thanks to the web interface of our partner Pliant.

No more manual credit card statements

Complete the credit card report in seconds. Circula creates expenses automatically and automatically assigns the correct receipt from the storage to the expense that has been created. Simply pay with your credit card, upload or forward the receipt to your storage – done. Our integrations with DATEV, SAP and MS Dynamics also reduce your manual work by up to 80%.

The intelligent corporate credit card

  • Full transparency

    All real-time expenses, refunds, and transactions in one place – your Circula App. Credit cards also help prevent fraud because you can set and control your own budget.

  • Self-management tool

    Thanks to the cardholder app and the card issuance via the integration with Pliant, you are independent and can manage your cards completely digitally.

  • Maximum flexibility

    Choose the type of card that suits your company and optimize the solvency of your marketing department, for example.

  • Best exchange rates

    For foreign transactions, you will receive the current VISA exchange rate, with no surcharges or additional fees.

  • High transaction volume

    Paying almost without limits - We offer up to €750.000 per transaction per card for maximum flexibility in your team.

Press release

Circula and Pliant start partnership for intelligent corporate credit card

Circula and corporate credit card specialist Pliant announce their partnership. Together, the two companies are developing a smart credit card that existing or new Circula customers can use in their organizations, providing an ideal link between Circula's existing expense management and employee benefits products.

Circula and Pliant start partnership for intelligent corporate credit card


Get your work done more efficiently

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Cards are issued by Transact Payments Malta Limited pursuant to licence by VISA Europe Limited. Transact Payments Malta Limited is duly authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Financial Institution under the Financial Institution Act 1994. Registration number C 91879.