Corporate Credit Card

Corporate credit cards are used in companies of all sizes. We will show you what distinguishes a business credit card and what you should consider.

What is a corporate credit card legally?

Since 2015, it has been precisely regulated within the EU which credit cards are considered corporate credit cards. A corporate credit card must have the following features:

  • The company is liable for the expenses and use.
  • The credit card bills are settled via a company account.

What types of business credit cards are there?

As with private credit cards, there are also different variants of the corporate credit card. Some of these variants go even further than the functions of private cash cards.

Why is a corporate credit card useful?

By using business credit cards, companies have the possibility to better control the expenses of individual employees or departments. At the same time, those responsible gain more flexibility, e.g. when booking software tools or making purchases for projects.

Company credit cards are also advantageous for accounting, because private and business expenses can be neatly separated. In the past, so-called "petty cash" was used for expenses. By using corporate credit cards, companies need less cash reserves and benefit from a secure and transparent payment method.

Good to know: The employer always applies for a company credit card. The responsible company and the name of the employee are printed on the card.

The advantages of business credit cards at a glance

  • More flexible and mostly interest-free extended payment terms for more financial leeway and higher liquidity.
  • Many corporate credit cards are linked to additional benefits such as discounts on car rental bookings or extended benefits for overnight stays in some hotel chains.
  • Employees are more motivated to act on their own responsibility.
  • Expenditures can be documented seamlessly, transparently and often in real time.
  • Through the connection to ERP systems, transactions with the credit card can be transferred directly into the ERP system.
  • Less cash is needed, which reduces expense reimbursement.

Virtual company credit card or plastic card?

Virtual credit cards are ideal for managing, issuing and controlling company credit cards. They can be reissued with a few clicks and activated for individual projects, employees or departments. The virtual cards have almost the same functionality as conventional plastic credit cards. However, employees on business trips cannot withdraw cash from ATMs with virtual cards.

Instead, virtual company credit cards can be easily linked to payment services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, so that payments can be made in shops or many restaurants simply by using a smartphone.

A corporate credit card facilitates accounting and budget management

Whether it's travel expense accounting or the posting of hospitality receipts: When expenses are paid via a corporate credit card, companies benefit from more efficient accounting. In addition, the connection of the company card to an ERP system enables better controlling. In this way, companies keep an eye on all expenses and can easily increase budgets via tools such as the Circula app if there is a need for it or also delete credit cards that are no longer needed.

The smart credit card from Circula

Use the Circula corporate credit card in cooperation with pliant for all your expenses and benefit from artificial intelligence that will inspire you. Do your accounting in seconds when you use the Circula credit card. Whether it's a business lunch or a train journey, your expenses are automatically created in Circula. Just add the receipt and your credit card statement is ready.

Secure your Circula credit card now, with many other premium benefits and the highest security standard.

Cards are issued by Transact Payments Malta Limited pursuant to licence by Visa Europe Limited. Transact Payments Malta Limited is duly authorized and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Financial Institution under the Financial Institution Act 1994. Registration number C 91879.

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