Bye-bye receipts. Hello warp speed.

Automate your expense reporting with the best mobile app experience and a dash of Artificial Intelligence.

Create your expense report on the fly

Per diems, out-of-pocket, mileages and purchases: Submit all your expenses on the go with the highest rated app in the AppStore.

Automate from submission to export

Submit receipts on the go or via email. Circula extracts the receipt data instantly and verifies the expenses reducing the work for Finance by up to 80%.

Keep control of all spendings with smart policies

Reduce the workload of the Finance team and set rules and budgets on department and individual level.

Approval flows designed for your business

Create advanced approval logics based on your org structure, cost centers and projects – or get rid of them.

Turnkey-ready for DATEV clients and far beyond

Circula is your software partner for a reason. As a best-in-class solution, Circula is directly connected to Accounting and Payroll systems such as Exact Online and Twinfield. We also work with Personio, SAP, MS Dynamics, TravelPerk and Comtravo, and many more.

Audited for a 100% paperless process

Finally you can throw away your receipts and stay compliant. As a PS 880-certified software, Circula is operating GoBD-compliant. Customers can optionally choose to archive their data in our revision secure document-management-system.

Expense management in 20 seconds

Travel and expense management all-in-one

  • Automated receipt read-out

    Circula is reading amounts, dates, merchant and VAT automatically from receipts and creates bookings for the general ledger.

  • Audit-proof

    Audit trails and IT architecture designed for compliance according to European standards.

  • Customizable configurations

    Cost centers, cost objects, fields as well as approval flows and payroll data can be adjusted to company specific terms.

  • Automated lump sum calculation

    Fully automated analysis of per diems and mileages and customizable.

  • Automated compliance checks

    Identification of duplicates and tax ruling (e.g. 3-months-rule).

  • Enterprise-graded

    Fully GoBD and GDPR compliant with permission-based access, hosting in Germany and Single Sign On interfaces.

  • As mobile as it gets

    Works even offline, reports can be approved on the go and you can connect your calendar to import participants.

  • Designed for DATEV

    Integrations to DATEV DUO, Rewe, LODAS LuG and Eigenorganisation comfort.

  • Assistant mode

    Work can be delegated to deputy and assistant for submission of expense reports.

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Get your work done more efficiently

Experience the effortless way to manage expenses.